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GoGo2Posted by bernadine lawrence Sun, January 23, 2011 12:22:03

You may not realise it, but the body you have is basically the body you, yourself, have designed. The everyday actions accumulated over the years determine the health and the shape of our bodies.

Through bad posture alone and without realising it you may have ended up over the years with a body whose shoulders are starting to look rounded, a back which is no longer elongated and legs which are no longer flexible.

You may even be suffering from back pain, joint problems, general stiffness and prone to injuries. This is all usually put down to old age and the body deteriorating, but it needn't be the case.

According to Buddhist teaching, our minds and bodies are inseparably linked and are, in fact, one - "ONENESS of BODY and MIND (shikishin funi). This term indicates that physical and spiritual elements are inseparable and fused into one entity. This is also referred to as oneness of the material and spiritual." (Basic Terminology of Nichiren Shoshu, volume 1)

Once we start to think we are getting old, inevitably we programme our bodies to grow old. The simple solutuion is to re-programme both your mind and your body to staying younger. There's no real reason to age because our bodies are designed to regenerate. There's no reason why you cannot be a fit and active 90 year old, both in mind and body.'

One of the first steps to combat ageing is to use movement most contrary to your own everyday movement. In other words, you use your body in ways you wouldn't normally, particularly when it comes to posture. 'Contrary Movement' is simply 'Corrective Movement' - designed to correct bad posture and help to re-shape and re-define the body after years of misuse.

Using your body in 'Contrary Movement' also helps to re-build neuro-muscular pathways long abandoned since childhood, encouraging play and experimentation. Adults should reclaim 'playtime' to keep youthful.