Bernie's Go Go Workout

Bernie's Go Go Workout

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workoutPosted by bernadine lawrence Tue, November 16, 2010 18:10:31

Bernie's Anti-Ageing, GoGo Workout is designed to fully mobilise the body, increase flexibility, improve core strength and balance, repair neuro-muscular pathways, release "feel good" hormones, enhance body definition, improve posture and help prevent injuries.

This is complete fun and the opposite of a typical workout where exercise is more of a torture than a pleasure. For this reason, participants are advised to be careful that they don't get carried away with the sheer pleasure of the movement and "overdo it".

Learn how to GoGo dance your way to physical fitness. Once you know a few classic GoGo moves you can maintain your fitness in your own home without any equipment, just your favourite tunes.

Bernie's GoGo is the perfect stress buster - "by golly, I needed that!" you'll be saying afterwards.

Please bring a mat or towel to lie on as there will be a nice stretch, cool down and chill out at the end of the class.

You are never too old to exercise -the body is amazing! I'm 56, have survived chronic illness and have three grandchildren. The good news is that it's still possible to keep fit in your 80's and your body will reward you and love you for it.